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Minister (Wazair) of Imam al-Mahdi Sheikh Abdurrauf al-Yamani
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Ya Shaikh Assalam o Alaikum, I am from Pakistan and currently in Yemen. I have read on the e-sahykh website that your holiness is in Hadramawth. I am a sinfull and weak person, and may not be able to seek your attention. However, if Allah give me taufeeq i would like to come to Hadramath and just sit with you for a while and if allowed, will kiss on your hand.

In Yemen there is an area named, Hadramaath, and i guess it is the same place where your holiness and the Imam (AS) are staying. May i kindly request to send me yous hloiness contact in Hadrmawth to meet your holiness.

Taalib-e dua and muntazir of reply.

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