Lefke International Rabbani Association - is organization congregated for the sake of Allah. In Holy Quran Allah says:

"And let there be [arising] from you a group inviting to [all that is] good, enjoining what is right and forbidding what is wrong, and those will be the successful."
Holy Qur'an. Surah 3 - "Aal-Imran", ayat 104.

Charity and donations on the way of spreading Naqshbandi Knowledges and teachings of Sheikh Nazim in the world is our main profile.

This website monitors events in Lefke around our beloved Sheikh Nazim and his family.

The websites held by other people are far away from Lefke and can't describe in reality the situation.

And here you can feel friendly atmosphere of brotherhood that is simple and as shown by Sheikh himself.

It is separated for men and women sections. Only users who is registered and approved as "sister" can watch photoalbum of women section and add pictures there and only women is able to see women section of Rabbani forum. So if you are sister - REGISTER for free and you will be automatically be given an access to women sections of the website.

Share your last visit to Sheikh in our "Lefke TV" section. You can leave news about yourself - what happen to you, when you went home etc.

In the official L.I.R.A. news you can watch if something took place around dergah in Lefke or some important people visited us, or if some new brothers and sisters came and makes salams to you and you weren't in Lefke at that moment. So they may leave it here for you to watch and meet them. Maybe they leave contact information as well. Anyway, here you can see the videos and photo's and news about Lefke dergah and it's visitors.

Qur'an lessons is interactive video lessons for everyone to learn arabic and spiritual secrets of each letter of Glorious Quran.

Marriage lessons is a school for our brothers who wants to follow the first command of Allah Almighty "Marriage" that he order to Adam and Eve. But if they have any problems about this matter and even if not, it's useful and helpful to watch our video lessons about reaching the heart of your future wife. But remember, that first you have to be financial independent and responsible in front of Allah for your feyonce.

In website we are willing to put all the media like - videos and Quran mp3 of Abdurrahman and other production made by us you may be in need for free. Also books of our tariqa that we scan and put for you to read. Because by Sharia we have to spread Islamic knowledge and Rasulullah didn't order to keep it for money only.

In "buy&sell" you can place ancient Quran or some other islamic spiritual goods for your own price and people who likes it may contact you and buy. And you can buy the same way some expensive rings and other goods that people from our worldwide rabbani community may sell and you can speak by e-mail or other way to meet or send the item by postmail or anyone of your friends can be a courier through Lefke Dergah.

You can leave your message in our forum and then come back for looking if someone replied.

This website is for friends, who knows each other well and they don't need some so called authorities over their heads except Sheikh Nazim and his son Sheikh Mehmet.

Biiznillah! Al-Fatiha...