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Lefke Rabbani Forum » Spirituality » Dreams » I had a dream about Sheikh Nazim...
I had a dream about Sheikh Nazim...
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Ubaydullah Lefke Rabbani

i saw a strange dream. I try to remind it. First it was a normal life. I think near airport of some city there was highway and its like i left bags of food somewhere in alley where people wait for their plane like park and came back to it. And there was a car coming to pick me up. But then something strange happen. Sheikh Nazim's spirit start to come on me like noor lights and my appearence - face, white turban, white beard and body start to be like Sheikh Nazim but slightly invisible like a ghost (he had blue shirt and trousers and belt over shirt). And i felt that cool and sweet energy however it was strong and flow to my heart from heavens and i felt mighty presence of angels over there. And then i lost control over myself - it was Sheikh Nazim in my place (his will) and he start to give away food from the bag to poor and dirty people over there. And then he become totally physical. He sit on a black horse. He looked like at his ages 60. And he went to the hill near to that alley, just above it. And he start to say "Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar!" and there was a spear in his right hand that he was throwing up and catching with same hand and throwing up and catching same way. It was strange because the spear went up direct way and down also very accurate by same line. Then he took out some kind of arabic sword (with arabic writings on it's blade from both sides) and lift it up over the heads of people. And it felt like warmth and peace came to everyones heart (over poor people). But it was invisible effect, like secret. Then he put it back on his belt and he took another sword it seemed to me that it was japanese katana. Because it had long black leather hand and long dark steel blade with same shape that samurai sword but it look bigger and stronger. And there was marks from hard hits metal deform in few places. Its imposible to do such marks to katana. Even bullet didnt left marks on katana when they test it. But Sheikh Nazim seem to hit with more power than anything people have in earth. And he turn his horse by left side and went to war with bad ones. (i believe with those rich ones who does not give to poor anything). But just there across his way was running mad black panther with deep cuts on her back. And Sheikh Nazim had a long stick in his right arm and still sitting on that black horse he hit the ground with that stick vertically and panther who was passing by running somewhere just stopped before that place where he hit and she bow her head humble down. And Sheikh Nazim jump down so easily as he was 20 year and run to panther in 1 second. I was amazed how quick he is and his easy moves. Like a panther. And he came to it (i believe to give her medical help or ask about the place she came from). And here i wake up. Fatiha
Lefke Rabbani Forum » Spirituality » Dreams » I had a dream about Sheikh Nazim...
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