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Everyone is an orphan
WaterOfLifeДата: Thursday, 01.12.2011, 11:04 | Сообщение # 1

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Asalam aleykum

On this website we are trying to be brothers and sisters to one another with clean intention that we pray it is protected every moment from our bad and dirty self.

Everyone of us is an orphan in one or other way in the sense that we are in constant need. So it would be of utmost value to have a look inside our self, observe and recognise our endless need for love and affection from Allah All-Mighty and try to bring out all the love and affection we have been granted by Him and bestow it on others.
Everyone has a Divine share of this Divine gift and the best service is the service that is dressed with this Holy love and affection. That love that touches every heart with a soft hand, caresses it and consoles it every moment that it is in need of it's Lord's Divine Love. The type of love that does not look in the mirror of the Self every time it says I love you.
I'm not someone that has any claim on anyhting, so please do not misunderstand my intention behind writing all this. Thank you. I just felt that it would be nice if we try to encourage each other in bringing out the best in us. Maybe it is that I'm the one most in need of this encouragement which means that I am in need of whatever Allah can send to me of goodness through all and each one of you.
Surah Al Duha (93) is always a beautiful reminder of Allah's unparalleled Beauty, Mercy and Affection to His Prophet, and through Him, to All Creation.

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RabbaniДата: Monday, 05.12.2011, 05:42 | Сообщение # 2

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Watch this

Actually its 3d virtual mode of a cave where Prophet Muhammad s.a.s. was meditating before he has met Angel Jabrail a.s. and has been told that he is a Prophet s.a.s.

Meditate by watching this 3d makam programm.

Its real pictures made in there that has been put together and you can think that you are in there...

Better than sitting here and waiting for stupid people to do something good. This people are ready to die and go to hell only.
Lefke Rabbani Forum » Donation/Charity » Helping the orphans » Everyone is an orphan
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