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Training your ego (nafs) to clean from animalistic characteristics.

Focus on your Sheikh. Today we have Sheikh Mehmet - the son of Sheikh Nazim, whom Mawlana order to renew bayath of all mureeds on him. So make rabita on him.

You can find the full list of naqshbandi haqqani daily zikr in Haqqani books for free section and follow it. But you can follow any salawat, zikr or read and listen Qur'an as your heart feels to. Important is to present it afterwards to the spirits of Prophet Muhammad s.a.s. and his family, his sahaba's and all Grandsheikhs of our silsila including Sheikh Mehmet the son of Sheikh Nazim. This brings you to spiritual nearness with Prophet Muhammad s.a.s. inshaAllah.

Dreams are the language through which Heavens speaking to us. It was known to Prophets like Prophet Yusuf a.s. that he could explain the meaning of dreams. So the dreams has to be enterpretate by authorized by Heavens person - such as Prophets or awlia (holy saints). Also if you are true believer you can understand the meaning of the dream by yourself in your heart if you have a strong connection with Sheikh.

Hadis of Prophet Muhammad s.a.s. saying:
"In Last Days the dreams of muslims will be truthful and dream is one 40-th part of Prophecy."
Added by: Mohammed Shaffie Mohammed Jabir

Assalam alaykum!
Sheikh Mehmet (son of Sheikh Nazim) is usually every 2 weeks in Lefke dergah and rest 2 weeks of every month in Istanbul dergah.

If you didn't get a chance to meet Sheikh Mehmet in Lefke dergah of Sheikh Nazim in Cyprus or in Istanbul dergah Ak Baba village in Istanbul then you can watch the video of Sheikh Mehmet giving bayath below and lift your right hand and follow the process. Because it's only your intention is important and bayath can be given in 3 ways - by hand to hand, by eye contact and spiritually. So inshallah you can get bayath from Sheikh Mehmet in Lefke dergah or Istanbul derga (Ak Baba) or spiritually.

So easiest way is to watchi this video:


Lift your right hand and make intention that you are making bayath with Sheikh Mehmet and inshaAllah he will accept it.

Added by: Bismillah Rabbani