People rush to discuss my actions and words because it do not correspond to their idea of
what message carries the Sheikh and about what position they occupy in front of him.
But they do not want to think about who I am and what I occupy the position before the Sheikh.
But they hasten according to the desires of their ego and devil invent stories about me and the worst of qualities
Just so their ego was happy. But this is only their selfish argument and disagreement.
And not proof of their truth in the knowledge of the real situation.
Therefore, I urge everyone to stop to talk about me and condemn my actions.
For example, I believe that I do things and take responsibility for them.
And that my actions and my thoughts as being brave are supported by divine wisdom.
And your judgment is propped up only by your envy, distrust, skepticism and nothing more.

Ubaydullah of Lefke



Sheikh Mehmet is only one successor of Sheikh Nazim.

Volgograd happenings are evil!
Let's put power in sufism and destroy wahabism.
This is only way.

Oh this people are stupid. I Ubaydullah Rabbani was speaking in derga so long
calling people to make monarchy assosiation last year and nobody listen.
They are stupid saying "Oh Mawlana didn't say us to do". Listen now you idiots.
Sheikh Mehmet said to do same thing I was saying 1 year ago.
And he also said what I said "Nobody listens to Mawlana even he said many times to do that".
This is video

Dikkat! Yeni! Avrupa Cemaatlerine Yeni Duyuru! Sheikh Muhammed Adil Efendi Önemli Duyuruda Buluniyor from Harmonie der Herzen e.V. on Vimeo.

Sheikh Mehmet - he is the only one true way.

Where the money are from?

Part 2.

The Prophet, sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam, said:
"Women, more to give alms and many ask for forgiveness,
verily, I saw you from the large population of hell"
(Narrated by Muslim)

Some mad fake followers of Sheikh Nazim is a veil of devil.

If I saw a group of mad masquerading as Sufis and murids of Sheikh Nazim
in those groups and sites around the world where they are going today -
I'd always refused to follow a man by the name of Sheikh Nazim.
But fortunately I know that these crazy go their own way as their leaders.
A Sheikh Nazim has no relation to them.

Sheikh Mehmet advices you to always walk with the wudu (ablution),
even if you do not read islamic prayer namaz.
As he says, then there is a desire to do namaz and you will get used.
The main thing is the ablution.

From myself I want to add that after washing should definitely perform two rak'ahs prayer.
And just at the entrance to the mosque two rak'ahs prayer should definitely make.
Otherwise, you will not find in itself neither peace nor tranquility
even from making multiple 5 mandatory prayers.
Ubaydullah Rabbani small servant of Allah

P.S. The Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him said in a hadith to Bilal r.a.
"I heard steps coming to Paradise when you walked, its because you
made two rak'ahs of prayer after performed ablution. "
And a prayer of two rak'ahs at the entrance to the mosque is made even after the Asr
when no prayer is usually committed till the Maghreb.

What is problem in dergah of Sheikh Nazim?
Half of people there are secret agents of different governments.
Especially those murids who come from Russia
(including russians, jews, and some daghestan or tatar, uzbek and other fake muslims KGB agents)
Because KGB and communism is number 1 enemies of Sheikh Nazim
They believe in atheism and killed muslims just for religion more than 70 years
War in from Royal Families and King of Jordan Khalif of Islam against in Syria
against Asad (China, Russia, Iran) communistic devils just approves that.
Even egyptian or turkish murids can be russian KGB agents
KGB may put them for 10-20 years to be near Sheikh Nazim invisibly
That is only reason I see why someone would never listen to son of Sheikh Nazim - Sheikh Mehmet
and make themselve as Sheikh Nazim's "right hands" and making themselves a boss in dergah.
Also Sheikh Nazim said - communism will die after Syria, but this is going to be world war 3 "Armageddon".
And all governments are working with big jinns - Ifrits,
who are demonic creatures of spiritual world.
So they send someone with tonn's thousands of this jinns
loaded into dergah of Sheikh Nazim in Cyprus.
Then it is like their embassy in there.
Blocking the freedom of spirituality of islam and holy awlia.
Sheikh Nazim surrounded by this evil circle of devils and really suffering.

For those who truly want to make the effort
Unfortunately in our Tariqa all think it will make someone else
and in the end no one does anything
but hurry up!
bad people are already trying to prevent truth to approach you.

Unfortunately in today's world there is one big problem. The spiritual life is simply cut off from the people. There are people like Sheikh Nazim and his son and heir, Sheikh Mehmet and as holy Khizr and Ilyas. There is even the Caliph of Islam - The King of Jordan, Abdullah ibn Hussein. But alas on this list ends with spiritual people. All over the world, and particularly in the Third World representatives of Sheikh Nazim or students just do not realize what they are doing. All of them - particularly those who live in Dargo in Cyprus in the house of Sheikh Nazim and even members of his family - it's ordinary people. Which nothing in life is not necessary. They are just looking for a place under the sun banal. Completely dependent on the desires of the ego. And people like me - Ubaydullah Rabbani said that I am an enemy of the people. Because I complicate their lives. But alas, the world is not out of pink flowers. If we want to promote the way of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him and develop Islam in the modern world - we need knowledge. Without knowledge it is impossible engine forward. People just disgrace Sheikh Nazim and Sheikh Mehmet and Naqshbandi path. There are many spiritual destinations in the world. They need reasons to follow the true path of Islam. And they can not make this choice correctly when they see how simple and unencumbered by knowledge people have surrounded Sheikh Nazim and how they live.

Auzubillahi minash shaitani rajim
Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim
Madad ya Sultan ul Awlia
Madad ya Sahib uz Zaman
Dastur ya Seyidi...

Advice to Sheikh Nazim's followers

Don't follow hypocrites, rich people,
followers of "free will" among Sheikh Nazim representatives.
They will guide you to be hypocrites and nothing else.
Follow true ones, who has nothing in pocket,
has strong discipline and big faith in Allah.
They will bring you to pure sainthood, inshallah.

Compare Imam Mahdi to Sheikh Mehmet son of Sheikh Nazim.
Check this out the description of Imam Mahdi by Prophet Muhammad s.a.s. in hadis:
1. He has green eyes
2. He has pug nose
3. He has arched eyebrows
4. He has a thick beard, thin on the sides
5. He has a small nose, there is a small ledge on the bridge
6. And his hair thick
7. Broad forehead
8. On the forehead there is a bend. Bending closer to the eyebrows
9. He is of medium height, dark, small beard. On either side of a short beard, to the bottom long beard
10. In white clothesе
Description given by Harun Yahya, student of Sheikh Nazim and worldwide
most famous muslim scholar and propagandist of islam.

Also another signs of Imam Mahdi on Sheikh Mehmet as follows:
1. He is stattering, means when he speak is difficult to speak for him.
2. He has a mole on his left cheek it is a brown spot as Mahdi should have one on his cheek.
3. When he walks there is a plenty of space between his legs and feet looks outwards. This is what Mahdi should have by hadis of Prophet Muhammad s.a.s.
4. His mother name is Amina, same as Prophet's mother name Amina and Mahdi mother name must be Amina.
5. His name is Muhammad same as Prophet s.a.s. and Mahdi must be Muhammad.
6. His father name must be Abdullah, but his father is Sheikh Nazim and his teacher was Abdullah.
Sheikh Nazim always saying "I'm servant of Allah" means Abdullah and also he is saying
-my personality is gone, Only Sheikh Abdullah is in me. So we can discuss on this point.
7. He has strong body and tall shoulders and long arms than he touches his tighs when he walks.
8. His eyes are slanded as asiatic people. Prophet Muhammad s.a.s. said Imam Mahdi eyes are green
and asiatic (slanded). And Sheikh Muhammad eyes are slanded because his mother is from tatar,
from central asia and his father is Sheikh Nazim.
9. Imam Mahdi must be learning from his father, who is from line of big alims. And Sheikh Muhammad
is learning from his father Sheikh Nazim who is from line of big alims.
10. People waited that Imam Mahdi will be number 41 in Golden Chain of Naqshbandi tariqat and that's
why they named Sheikh Nazim the last Sheikh. And when his son Sheikh Muhammad become the 41 in
Golden Chain and current Sultan ul Awlia it was a surprise to everyone:
11. Imam Mahdi must be from non arabs. And Sheikh Mehmet is from kurdish in father side and tatar in mother side.
12. Sheikh Muhammad is always young and going to hard work on the field even today together with 20
-25 age boys like us, doing work that nobody is doing in such age. And he doesn't aging with time.
13. When Mahdi is age of 40 something must start in the world. When Sheikh Mehmet was 40 the whole
system start corrupt and whole what we see in the world revolutions started and wars in 2001.
And many many more signs of Imam Mahdi on him.

Auzubillahi minash shaitani rajim
Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim
Madad ya Sultan ul Awlia
Madad ya Sahib uz Zaman
Dastur ya Seyidi...

What is the super adab of Sheikh Mehmet son of Sheikh Nazim?
It is that he has so much spiritual power
that nobody in the world ever had,
except of Prophet Muhammad s.a.s. of course.
And with this power he is being invisible and totally nobody.
This is super powerful level of humbleness and
this is adab (discipline) that nobody in the world have.

Auzubillahi minash shaitani rajim
Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim
Madad ya Sultan ul Awlia

People think, if they know Sheikh Mehmet is khalifa of Sheikh Nazim it is enough.
But no. People must learn a lot about adab of Sheikh Mehmet.
I want to teach about it, but almost nobody is supporting me.

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Welcome to the school of conscience Ubaydullah Rabbani

judging by your rude words about me
complete lack of respect
such a rude tone

I can imagine what you think
Sheikh Nazim that the physical body will give you all)

you came to look for a teacher
and then suddenly it turned out that not all that easy

but you are too busy to understand all
so you decided to stick with just one teacher

but alas!
There are many stations knowledge

sirrul sirr

Sheikh Nazim gives only the first layer

the second layer gives Sheikh Mehmet

and the third layer is sometimes comes across to me as an inspiration (Ilham)

So welcome to the school Sheikh Nazim)

First time after fall of Ottoman Empire in year 1920 a God's given Ruler!

8 april 2012 Sheikh Nazim announced
New Khalif of Islam
and all muslims of the World
direct descendant of Prophet Muhammad s.a.s.

King of Jordan Abdullah II.

Video of that announce from 8 and from 28 april 2012 in arabic with english subtitles.


Holy Ramadan starts on evening 19 July 2012
30 days tarawih and fasting!

Horror!!! Sounds of Horn coming out from sky!!! 2012 year!

The Last Prophecy before Imam Mahdi appears came!!!
First blow in Trumpet of Angel Israfil to fear everyone!
As Allah said in Qur'an: “And (remind them of) the Day when the Trumpet will be blown,
and all who are in the heavens and the earth will start in fear,
except him whom Allah wills. And all come unto Him, humbled”
(Surah 27: Ayat 87).

And now Imam Mahdi will appear! And also Antichrist Dadjal! Second coming of Jesus Christ!
Nations of Yajuj Majuj (Gog and Magog) will do evil! Smoke will come and cover the Earth!
And Sun will rise on the West!

And then will be second Trumpet of Angel Israfil and everyone dies!
And then will be third Trumpet of Angel Israfil and everyone resurects.

And then Jugdement Day will start!

"-When end of the world comes, strokes of Qur'an dissappears! Sun will come closer!"
Prophet Muhammad (s.a.s.) said
"-Who will transfer this information to others,
for that one in Judgement Day, I will prepare a place in Paradise!"

For more information read this:
The Angel and the Horn The First Blow of the Horn
The Second Blow of the Horn The Third Blow of the Horn


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Sufism is Islam. Islam is Peace.

Only we can give you 100% guaranteed way to eternal Paradise!

A bit about life of sufi and saints in Cyprus at Sheikh Nazim's.


A'uzu billahi minash shaitani rajeem. Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem.
Madad ya Sultan ul Awlia. Madad ya Sahib uz Zaman. Dastur ya Seyidi. Ya Allah!...
Allahumma salli wa sallim ala Sayidina wa Mawlana Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa sallim alfan alfan daiman abadan.

Assalamu Alaykum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu!

Sheikh Nazim told everyone to renew their bayath through Sheikh Mehmet.
And even said that he is also renewing his own bayath through Sheikh Mehmet
and it means Sheikh Mehmet is number one today.

For getting spiritual initiation "Bayath" with Sheikh Mehmet
lift your right hand while watching this video!

Read sura al-Fatiha!

Few important spiritual speeches (sohbets).

Who is Ubaydullah Rabbani from Lefke, Cyprus?
Humble follower of Sheikh Mehmet.

Follow me on Twitter...

  Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem. 
Follow me on twitter oh noble people!

(you can just get my tweets directly on your phone by sms for free)
it is best you can do... And also tell to your friends to follow me on twitter.
Angels are putting their wings under your feet when you are getting ilm the knowledge of religion.
Come and get it in my twitter its easy and fine!
Everything from goodness is coming to my heart from Sheikh Mehmet's heart the son of Sheikh Nazim.

Nothing good can be from ourselves, only from Allah. 
Come and look what might be pleasant for you in this big ocean of sufism knowledge. 
Come and may be you will find your island of wisdom a pot of light that comes from Prophet Muhammad s.a.s
all the way through 41 Sheikhs to Sheikh Nazim and from him to Sheikh Mehmet
and what i can get inspired from Sheikh Mehmet is for you...
The smallest and last ray of light. Maybe its what you need.
I try to share my humble understanding of this or that through my experience
of being with Sheikh Nazim and Sheikh Mehmet
during past few years face to face without going out of Cyprus.
Inshallahu Ta'ala...
Please... be my guest.

small servant of Allah
Ubaydullah Rabbani from Lefke.

I don't need anything from earthly treasures.
I want only to spread true Islam of Sheikh Nazim
to make all people happy in here and eternity.
Please support this project by donations charity (sadaka/zakat).

Because now the project is growing. You can help to build it more.

It's a good action that comes back to you in eternity with echo
Be Rabbani!

"And spend in the Cause of Allah and do not throw yourselves into destruction
(by not spending your wealth in the Cause of Allah),
and do good. Truly, Allah loves Al-Muhsinun (the good-doers).

Holy Qur'an. Surah 2 - "Al-Baqarah". Ayat 195.

Sheikh Mehmet is in London now. 9 November 2012.
Who want to meet him come to 7 sister mosque at 122 Saint Ann's street.

Son of Sheikh Nazim, Sheikh Mehmet
member of Golden Chain
Head of Saints arrived to Lefke, Northern Cyprus
Now you can visit him in here
Come! Whoever you are!
Just take a plane to Larnaka and then taxi to Lefke.
Or go to Istanbul then plane to Lefkosa and taxi to Lefke
Call taxi to pick you up
+905338606454 Umar
+905428746021 Eyub
+905338611298 Husseyn

Assalamu Alaykum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu!

Add this website as your homepage if you wish to be united with brothers from Lefke journey and spirit of Lefke always! Create new topics in our Rabbani Forum daily and wait! Brothers visited Lefke will be in touch with you the same way! This is going to be your worship - to make Ummah stronger in love to each other! Share this website with all brothers and sisters from our tariqa and with good hearted people everytime and everywhere (for example put link: on your facebook wall)! Please register yourself on the website directly so we can stay in contact. This is going to be your service to Ummati Nabi s.a.s. Thank you. Barakallahu fik!


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